New 'Art on Leather' exhibit Oct. 6-27

Artist Statement

"Loving to draw all my life there was nothing I wouldn’t try in the art world mediums. I have done oil paint, pencil drawing, and burning on wood.

But I decided to try burning leather to see how that will work, and now I hook on it.  Start buying pieces of leather and stretching them over canvas it works but hard to get it flat and not to bounce.  When I started glue leather on wood, and it work so well with the hard surface.

With each art piece I can see the small details that will work from burning deep for the bison fur to the light shading of the tee-pee smoke.  It takes time and patience in do this, once the HOT tip touches the leather there is no turn back.

I get my ideas from magazine and the internet mixing one photo of the background to the second photo the main subject.  

At first in my early work, I just did the burning on the leather and now I have been adding color from soft tints to heavy coats to bring them out or adding a color to their eyes, I starting to like this a little bit more to give the extra WOW factor.  

I hope you enjoy the art that I have created."

Gallery hours are: noon to 5 p.m. each Friday during October.